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Are you currently own or manage a short term rental business?
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Once it is submitted, a member from our team will contact you in the next 24 hours to provide you more information and start finding your leads. 

Cost per lead find: $1,000 (Units under $2,500k profit margin), $1,500 for higher leads. 

Fifty percent of the payment must be collected before the process of lead mining can begin.

Turn around time: 1 month for leads under 2,500k profit margin and 2 months for lead over $2,500 k profit margins. In case we are not able to provide you with a lead in that time, 100% of your money will be refunded. ​

Final Payment: Once the lead is provided, the client has 72 hours for due diligence before final payment is due. ​

Exceptions: If the lead is unusable due to circumstances outside of your control and proof is provided, another lead will be given. At that point an additional 30 days will be added to the turnaround time to find you another lead if we don't have one already set.

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